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Shri Gokarna Rudragaya Kshetra

Welcome to Gokarna's most auspicious and prominent ritual center, Rudragaya Kshetra, to solicit various ancient remedial Vedic services.

Astrology by  Guruji Shri Nagaraj Prasad in gokarna Lord Shiva  temple

The Untold

Over several years, Astrology has been commercialized for business purposes and to fleece customers.
Ancient astro reading, though a fading art, can accurately pin point effective remedial rituals.

Success Stories

Read about the thousands of devotees who have been rid of various types of hurdles in life.
Names changed to protect confidentiality.

Every Problem ALWAYS has a Solution!

Never be disheartened with the challenges life throws at you. After all, we must believe that every coin has two sides, and that the better side can always be summoned. Gokarna Rudragaya Temple aims to ensure the ancient remedial rituals bring a 180 degree turn to those suffering from any sort of bad times …