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Testimonials - True life Events & Rituals ...

Following are True Life stories and testomonials that prove the advantages that several devotees have experienced by the Rituals performed at Shree Kshetra Gokarna Rudragaya Temple. Some names of devotees are changed to protect confidentialiy. However, and rest assured, these evidential events have been recorded of decades of Vedic Ritual service to the denizens, and has borne great improvement in the quality, sanctity and prosperity of the devotees.

Age of Joy
An aged couple who were silently suffering from loss of health, mental peace and eentually loss of wealth, approached Guruji Nagaraj Prasad. After decades of hard work and toil, their pece was lost, and their family was split. Guruji studied the astrological readings of the couple and noted that their family was under the influence of certain planets which did not allow them the comfort they much deserved. After two days of rituals, the Guruji blessed them with a happy & prosperous life. In a few months, the ecstatic aged couple visited Guruji with their sons, daughter-in-laws and grand children, to profusely thank him for the miracle of the rituals. The family had re-united and abundant joy was on the cards of their future!

Wedlock Bliss
In a typical middle-aged family, a man in his early thirties was advised to visit Guruji. His problem was that after trying for several years, he was unable to get married. He had had three broken engagements, and was in severe depression. on careful study of the alignment of the stars and planets that influence his life, Guruji uncovered a possible sin from past births, that had stopped the growth of family life for him. From then on, and with earnest Vedic Rituals, the person saw great improvements in his life. He soon got married and even today visits uruji regularly, with his son whom he has named after Guruji Nagaraj Prasad!