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Offerings by Shree Gokarna Rudragaya Temple

ShreeKshetra Gokarna Rudragaya Temple, well known for decades, as the most famous destination for a plethora of Sacred Vedic Rituals, offer a wide array of services. Following are the list of Pooojas, Homas (Havana), Shraddhas, Shanthi Pujas and several other benefecial services offered by Guruji Shri Nagaraj Prasad.

The Rituals performed by Guruji Shri Nagaraj Prasad IS NOT PERFORMED IN THE MAIN TEMPLE. These corrective rituals are far more superior and customized to individuals, unlike the Generic Rituals performed in most temples.


  • Kalasarpa Shanthi in Gokarna Temple
    Kalasarpa Shanthi

    This ritual is required when there are planets coming between Rahu and Ketu. This results in failure and rejection, owing to results not matching the efforts put in. Click to read more ...

  • Kujarahu Shanthi in Gokarna Temple, Karnataka, India
    Kujarahu Shanthi

    Mars, known as the Kuja can be extremely influential on several traits of a person, including one's Energy, Motivation, Determination, Courage, Patience, Zeal, Passion, etc. Click to read more ...

  • Gokarna Mrutyunjaya Shanthi, Karnataka, India
    Mrutyunjaya Shanthi

    Lord Shiva is known to have eleven Rudra forms. In the very sacred Mrutyunjaya Shanthi ritual, all these forms are worshipped to usher in an era of peace, wellness and goodness. Click to read more ...

  • Gokarna Navagraha Shanthi, Karnataka, India
    Navagraha Shanthi

    Navagraha means Nine Planets. All that we experience in terms of happiness & pain, fortune & misfortune, luck & bad times, health & illness, are all derives from the effects of these nine planets. Click to read more ...

  •  Pindika Shanthi Gokarna Temple, Karnataka, India
    Pindika Shanthi

    Pindika Sudarshana Shanthi is offered to get rid of all the bad effects from black magic and the bad spirits from your family. Gokarna Rudragaya Shri HariHareshwar temple is blessed with both Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. Click to read more ...

  • Preta Utchatane Gokarna Rudragaya Temple
    Preta Utchatane

    If in any family there are afflictions to ghostly flaws in anyone's horoscope, or if timely retreival is not in place, or if the strength of favourable planets is decreased, our lives will be influenced by negative elements. Click to read more.

  • Gokarna Shukraditya Shanti pooja
    Shukraditya Shanti

    This is prescribed for those under the influence of Dasha-Sandhi, which stands for the person's planetary alignment, during one MahaDasha to another; especially when the last six months of the planet Shukra and the first six months of the Sun's influence is in that period. Click to read more.

  • Vinayaka Shanti Gokarna Temple, Karnataka, India
    Vinayaka Shanti

    Vinayaka Shanthi should be performed if there is Kuja Dosha or any serpent erratum. Vinayaka Shanthi should always be perfrmed in the righteous and precise manner. Click to read more.


  • Nagabali Gokarna Temple, Karnataka, India

    In this ritual, the funeral is performed on the body of snake made with wheat dough. Nag Bali ritual is similar to Narayan Bali, with the main difference being that, instead of a dummy human body, a dummy body of a snake (made of dough) is used. Click to read more ...

  • Gokarna Temple Narayanabali puja, Karnataka, India

    Narayana Bali is a Hindu ritual involving fire. Participating in Narayana Bali helps a person destroy negativity. The ritual makes them possess the dummy body which is later set alight. Click to read more ...

  • Gokarna Temple Pitru Dosha puja, Karnataka, India
    Pitru Dosha

    If the souls of our ancestors are satisfied and in peace, they will take care and protect the whole family. But if their soul(s)are no satisfied, problems to the entire family is expected. Click here to know more ...

  • Tripindi Shradha Gokarna Temple, Karnataka, India
    Tripindi Shradha

    Tripindi Shraddha is also known as Kamya Shraddha. The soul of a deceased person, whose Shraddha was not been performed continuously for a period of 3 years, gets converted into the category of Pret (or a ghost). Click to read more ...

  • Varshika Shradha Gokarna Temple, Karnataka, India
    Varshika Shradha

    The annual appeasement that is prescribed for departed souls, as per Hindu Scriptures, is known as Varshika Shradha. It is a symbol of repaying debts of the departed sould, remembrance of the person, and soliciting posive and favourable energy from them. Click to read more ...


  • Dhanwantari Homa Gokarna Temple, Karnataka, India
    Dhanwantari Homa

    Dhanwantari is the deity presiding over the famous Indian medicinal system called Ayurveda. Lord Dhanwantari in Indian mythology is said to have carried the nectar of immortality. Click to read more ...

  • Gokarna Temple Maharudrabhisheka, Karnataka, India

    Rudrabhisheka maha pooja, is done to remove all negative energy and curses like Pitru shapa (Paternal curse), matru shapa (maternal curse), stri shapa (women curse) and brahma shapa (Bramin curse). Click to read more ...

  • Naga Pratistha Gokarna Rudragaya Temple
    Naga Pratistha

    For appropriate deliverence for such souls, Naga Pratistha is strongly recommended. This can be observed in natal charts when different planets obtrude between Rahu and Ketu. Click to read more ...

  • Navachandi Homa Gokarna Rudragaya Temple Karnataka, India
    Navachandi Homa

    Navachandi Homa, also called as Maha Nava Chandi Yagna or Chandipatha is generally performed during the auspicious time of Navarathri, or Durga Pooja or Dusshera. Click to read more ...

  • Gokarna Rudragaya Temple Shatarudra Homa, Karnataka, India
    Shatarudra Homa

    Rudra, known as an avatar or form of Lord Shiva, and is associated with all that is to do with success, prowess and protection. Lord Rudra, or the Rudraavatara, is considered the strongest of the strong, the mightiest of the mighty and the greatest protector. Click to read more ...

  • Sudarshana Homa Gokarna Rudragaya Temple
    Sudarshana Homa

    Sudarshana Homa or Sudarshana Homam is a Hindu ritual involving fire. Participating in Sudarshana Homam helps a person destroy negativity, gives him victory over the enemies, and protects against the evil eye. Click to read more ...

  • VidyaGanapati Homa Gokarna Rudragaya Temple
    VidyaGanapati Homa

    Lord Ganapathi, in his prowess of profound knowledge, intelligence and awareness, is known as Vidyaganapathi, who is the benovelent provider for a strong foundation in learning, accumulating knowledge, and making the mind stronge and better. Click to read more ...