It is surprisng to note that Vedic Sciences warrant an Almanac that is released by various Vedic Mutts during March of every year. This Almanac, known as Panchaanga holds in it, among much data, information of Sunset, Sunrise, Moonrise, for every day of the year. And more often than not, the timings in the Panchaanga is more accurate than the daily meteorigical department’s information!

Is this not surprising? The Vedic almanacs are created by mere calculations devised several centuries ago, and even to this day, they are more accurate and trustworthy than most advanced sciences. Therefore, when one needs to decipher Vedic Sciences, including Astrology and Astro-Reading, both the teacher and the student must be aware of the concepts, the logic and its details, instead of mere belief!

It is this logical and well learned approach that our Guruji Shri Nagaraj Prasad has been offering for the last several decades. Every devotee is made to understand the cause and effects, including a comprehensive and well supported ideology, which was, infact, the science that prevailed many generations ago, and which will be the eventual and logical end point to today’s growing sciences.


While true and factual interpretation of Astrology has slowly mutaed into a commercial market, where foretellers charge enormous prices for colored stoesin the guise of bringing ‘luck’, it may be shocking to know that accurate predictions of a person’s growth and future can be as accurate as the size of a child’s nose a few years from now!

Yes! This is very true. The fine art of astro-reading of a person’s birth chart can be extremely accurate and mind-boggling, when it is done in the right manner. And the right manner is to Not read a horoscope for commercial gain. It is this exact trait that our Guruji Shri Nagaraj Prasad follows, giving readings to the several people who approach him. His accurate study of a person’s natal chart, based on intricate Vedic Sciences passed on from generations, is always done for the benefit of the sufferer, more than for mere monetary gain.


In many cases, Generalized predictions, which has come in vogue, has pretty much ruined many people’s belief in the Astro system, which is based on a millenia of proven evidence. However, with our Gurji’s grace, ab accurate, deeper and more comrehensive study of the charts of any person, and their family, can lead to Knowing oneself in great detail.

Many times, simple changes like habits, discipline, etc, can lead to great benefits. Also many are still ignorant of the fact that if even certain rituals are to be done, to resolve certain shot-comings in one’s chart, it has to be carried out in a most specific process and order. If not, as seen in many cases elsewhere, there is no fruitful outcome despite spending much energy and huge amounts of money. But with Guruji’s blessing, any one can better understand how to conquer their challenges in a much simplified manner.

To this effect, Guruji Shree Nagaraj Prasad has also made facilities for devotees to stay and dine in the prescribed manner, so that everyone can avail the Ancient Vedic Sciences and their advantages in the easiest manner.