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Most of these Poojas and Karmas have been successfully done for thousands of devotees from all over. Based on the requirement of the person’s astro readings, the situations they are facing, and the benefits expected, Guruji Shri. Nagaraj Prasad advises the right course of rituals to be performed.

From handholding at every stage, Guruji highlights the auspicious advantages of every action of the ritual, clearing all doubts of the devotee, and ensures harnessing of the divine energy for the good.

Sanctity of the mind and body is most important for proper conduct of all rituals. Keeping this in mind, and to minimize any stress on devotees, Gokarna Rudragaya Temple offers clean facilities for boarding and lodging. The rooms come equipped with privite toilets. Rooms are alsoavailable in various capacities to host individuals as well as families. Nourishing and timely food is provided for all occupants, as per traditional values.

This ensures that devotees have all that is required with all the planning and organizing of each and every requirement managed by Gokarna Rudragaya Temple. Guruji Shri. Nagaraj Prasad has built these lodging facility at their own residence, so that proximity to all facilities and the temple is minimal. Along with boarding and lodging, all requirements for conducting rituals are completely taken care of in the most traditional and ancient Vedic manner.