Shukra Aditya Sandhi Shanti at Gokarna

This is prescribed for those under the influence of Dasha-Sandhi, which stands for the person’s planetary alignment, during one MahaDasha to another; especially when the last six months of the planet Shukra and the first six months of the Sun’s influence is in that period. Many individuals suffer from negative afflictions influenced by outside sources. These may result in negative afflictions, ill health, accident-prone life and such misfortunes. Many also associate the influence of sorcery and black magic to be highest in these weak periods.

In these times, performing the sacred Shukraditya Shanti, or the Shukra Aaditya Shanthi will remove all ill-effects of the bad periods that one may be facing.

The ending period of Shukra (Venus) Maha Dasha and starting period of Aditya (Sun) Maha Dasha forms Shukra Aditya Sandhi. One should perform 45 days before the ending period of Shukra Maha Dasha. Especially the last six months of Shukra Maha Dasha and therefore the first six months of Ravi Dasha are crucial periods. People perform this Shanti pooja Navagraha Purvak with a primary specialization in Shukra and Aditya mantras.

Leo is that the own house for Sun (Aditya). Taurus and Libra own houses for Venus. Aditya (sun) is liable for the profession and also an indicator of Father. Sun is a masculine planet. Shukra Graha is for a relationship, marriage, Vehicle, Happiness, and comforts. Shukra may be a feminine planet. thanks to these characteristics of Venus and Sun, this sandhi Shanti is extremely important.

Shukra Aditya Sandhi Shanti Benefits

  • Minimizes negative effects
  • Improves family relationships
  • Avoids accidents
  • Success in the profession
  • Good Health and Wealth

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