Shata Rudra Homam at Gokarna

Rudra, known as an avatar or form of Lord Shiva, and is associated with all that is to do with success, prowess and protection. Lord Rudra, or the Rudraavatara, is considered the strongest of the strong, the mightiest of the mighty and the greatest protector.

Worshipping Lord Rudra by means of the Shatarudra Homa can usher in life-changing effects, including a complete cleansing of one’s aura, life security, well-being, positive-outlook and prosperous future.

The ritual will harness the power of Lord Rudra himself, invoking sacred chants of the Yajur Veda, for overall success and to get rid of all negativity, remove obstacles in relations, thoughts and success.

Benefits of Shata Rudra Homam

  • Ultimate cleansing of Body & Mind
  • Handle multiple obstacles with courage
  • Wish fulfillment and life security
  • Victory over death and good health
  • Get rid of bad karmas.
  • Solution for problems related to Self, Family, Business, Health & wealth and strong relationship with all members of the family.

How to perform Shata Rudra Homam?

The time needed: 4 hours

Following are the steps in Shata Rudra Homam:

  • Rudra homam sankalp
  • Vinayak Puja
  • Navagraha avahane
  • Navagraha kalasha sthapane
  • Rudra homam kalasha sthapane
  • Ritvik varnane
  • Rudra Homam Jap
  • Rudra Homam
  • Purnahuti
  • Madhu parka dash daan
  • Prasad Vitrane

To Know more about Shata Rudra Homam contact:

Gokarna Rudragaya Temple
Near Bus Stop, Prasad Nilaya
Road, Gokarna, Karnataka 581326


Phone: +91-9448952126+91-9738758223

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