Kuja Rahu Sandhi Shanti at Gokarna

Mars, known as the Kuja can be extremely influential on several traits of a person, including one’s Energy, Motivation, Determination, Courage, Patience, Zeal, Passion, etc. When Kuja is in a depreciated state, an individual can develop severe tendencies to be rash in behavior with a short temper and in general, a character that is full of negativity and acts as a hurdle for improvement in almost all stages of life. Similarly, the transcending path of Rahu can multiple such negative behaviors in an individual and cause many problems associated with Finance, Blood Circulation, Property, etc., and can forebode accidents, illness, marital tensions, etc.

Therefore, performing a Shanthi ritual for Kuja, known as the KujaRahu Shanthi will help in not only reversing the negative tendencies but can also usher in a new realm of success, joy and good health.

The ending period of Kuja Maha dasha and starting period of Rahu Maha dasha forms Kuja Rahu Sandhi. One should perform 45 days before the ending period of Kuja Maha Dasha. Especially the last six months of Kuja Maha Dasha and therefore the first six months of Rahu Dasha are crucial periods. Persons perform this Shanti pooja Navagraha Purvak with a primary specialization in Kuja and Rahu mantras.

Aries and Scorpio own a house for Mars. Kuja is liable for relationships and land. Aggressive and commanding in nature. Kuja may be a masculine planet. So one should perform this pooja with Homam to regulate aggression. Rahu Graha is associated with ancestors, impulsive and weird naturally. Rahu is a feminine planet. Budha (Mercury) is that the enemy of Kuja. Moon, Sun, and Jupiter are friends. Venus and Saturn are neutral planets. Sun and Moon are enemies of Rahu. Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn are friends. Mercury and Ketu are neutral planets. Hence bad effects of planets are often reduced by doing this Sandhi Shanti pooja.

When Kuja (Planet Mars) is positioned in the 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th house within the Janma Kundali (horoscope), it’s mentioned as Kuja Dosha or Manglik Dosh. Kuja dosha affects married life, emotional issues, financial losses and other health-related issues.

Kuja (Mars God), alongside Adhidevata and Pratyadhidevata, are worshipped. Similarly, Rahu (The Shadow planet) alongside Adhidevata and Pratyadhidevata, is worshipped alongside remaining Navagraha deities. Kuja-Rahu Sandhi Shanti Homam helps get obviate malefic effects thanks to the position and combination of Kuja and Rahu in the horoscope.

Benefits of performing Kuja Rahu Sandhi Shanti:

  • Helps in reducing the negative effect.
  • Improved marriage prospects, the person would be blessed with an ideal life partner for marriage.
  • Harmony in married life. Those with problems in marital lives would witness marital bliss.
  • Devotees with weak horoscopes, would be protected from dire consequences.
  • Improved mental Health.
  • Peace and harmony in family.

Pooja Procedure of Kuja Rahu Sandhi Shanti:

The time needed: 2 hours and 30 minutes

  • Kuja Rahu sandhi shanti sankalp
  • Vinayak Puja
  • Kalasha Sthapane
  • Kalasha Puja
  • Navagraha Jap
  • Kuja Jap
  • Rahu Jap
  • Navagraha purvak Kuja Rahu Homam
  • Poornahuti
  • Prasad Vitarne

About Kuja Rahu Sandhi Shanti puja details contact:

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Near Bus Stop, Prasad Nilaya
Road, Gokarna, Karnataka 581326


Email: gokarnarudragaya@gmail.com

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