Vidya Ganapathi Homam at Gokarna

Lord Ganapathi, in his prowess of profound knowledge, intelligence and awareness, is known as Vidya ganapathi, who is the benevolent provider for a strong foundation in learning, accumulating knowledge, and making the mind stronger and better.

Performing this ritual, the Vidyaganapathi Homa, will remove all existing malefic influence of negative planets, and induce a strong positive aura for accomplishing and succeeding in all aspects. This homa includes very potent mantras and rituals to open up new avenues and possibilities for strong and prosperous growth of the individual and is especially advised for students and all those who work in knowledge-based domains.

To Know more about Vidya Ganapathi Homam contact:

Gokarna Rudragaya Temple
Near Bus Stop, Prasad Nilaya
Road, Gokarna, Karnataka 581326


Phone: +91-9448952126+91-9738758223

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