Varshika Shraddha at Gokarna

The annual appeasement that is prescribed for departed souls, as per Hindu Scriptures, is known as Varshika Shradha. It is a symbol of repaying debts of the departed soul, remembrance of the person, and soliciting positive and favorable energy from them. This is also the duty of the descendants of the dead people, as a symbol of gratitude, honor, and worship, in the same manner as done to gods.

By performing this Shradha, our ancestors’ souls will be appeased and are like a re-qualification of the descendant to remain in that position. It is this action that will ensure these souls (or Atmas) remain in a plane away from Hell. It is also said that these rituals for the departed are more important than even worshipping god since duty reigns higher than love for god. Therefore, these rituals are performed by sons, brothers, sons-in-law, and such immediate family members of the departed, on a yearly basis, to sate the departed souls and to usher in their blessings, favorable and positive influences, as as well as perform the inherited duty of the kith and kin.

Shraddha rituals at Gokarna are considered vital during the primary year of death. Online Shraddha has often performed in your absence also. during this case, learned Brahmin will represent and perform all rituals on behalf of you. Video clippings are going to be sent by mail otherwise you are often present on live video.

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Why Shraddha is done?

According to Garuda Purana, after thirteen days of death soul starts its journey for Yamapuri and it takes seventeen days to succeed there.

The soul travels through Yamapuri for an additional eleven months and only within the twelfth month, it reaches the court of Yamaraj. During the amount of 11 months, it’s no access to food and water. it’s believed that Pinda Pradhan and Tarpan is completed by the son and relations to satisfy the hunger and therefore the thirst of the soul during its journey till it reaches the court of the Yamaraj.

How to perform Varshika Shraddha?

The time needed: 2 hours

Following are the steps for performing Varshika Shraddha rituals:

  • Sankalp
  • Kalasha pooja
  • Paada pooja
  • Vishnu pooja and Vishnu Deva archane
  • Pitru archane (pitru, pitha maha, prapita maha) (mata, pitha mahi, prapita mahi)
  • Anna puja
  • Brahaman aradhane
  • Pind pradhan
  • Tarpan
  • Daan and Bhojana

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