What People Say About Our Temple

In Gokarna Rudragya Temple , Most satisfying Pooja experience Shree Nagaraj Prasad Guruji did Narayana Bali pooja for us. The whole process was awesome, satisfying and devotional.

Srinivas G

Guruji Nagaraj Prasad ji has a huge knowledge in the script and he conducted pooja for our family at Gokarna. It was conducted properly and after the puja we got positive results in our life. Thanks Guruji.

Alok Tiwari

Guruji received us very nicely. He kept us in continuous touch right from beginning of our journey from Bangalore. He picked us and took to his building where we were provided accommodation with food facility. Our time was utilized effectively. He guided us and explained significance of each part of puja well. We are grateful to him.Thank u sir..

V Krishna

Nice pooja. Rudragaya Temple is very powerful spritual place. One who have pitrudosha come here and solve the problems.

Dadanna Kalal

The temple is situated facing the sea which makes it perfect for the rituals that are carried out here and ensures that all our efforts are fruitful. The pandits who perform the rituals have a thorough knowledge of the scripts and are well versed in the methods of performing the poojas and other rituals. Our family was asked to perform few rituals at Gokarna and we were lucky to get the assistance of the pandits at Gokarna Rudragaya Temple. The rituals were completed successfully and after some time we started to experience the effects such as getting job and peace of mind and happiness, within our family. I suggest this place for carrying out rituals that are specifically mentioned to be carried out at Gokarna as this place is solely undertaken by only one person and you get complete and honest information of the procedures for completion of the purpose you are visiting Gokarna.

Jaiprakash indi

Nice pooja good service about Guruji Nagaraj Prasad. Rudragaya temple is such a powerful mukthi place. Pooja done by guruji is satisfactory. So many times i went to gokarna to other poojari, but such pooja, i haven't seen before. Good accomodations and food provided by guruji. I am grateful to guruji nagaraj prasad.

Ranjan K R

Good place. Nice hospitality and performed nice pooja felt happy!

Akshaya C S

It was a very good experience. Performed all rituals very well. Who ever visits there will have a wonderful experience. We got good co-operation from bhatt.

Madhu H K

Gokarna Rudragaya Temple such a powerful place. I was having some problems before visiting this place. After visiting Gokarna Rudragaya my life changed like anything. I can proudly tell I got rebirth in that temple. Nagaraj Ganapathi Bhat Prasad uncle, many thanks to you. Uncle is such a simple person & so humble to listen to problem & give solution. We stayed in his house all his house members are so good. This place is the solution for all problems.

Jyothi S N

Its a privilege for me to give a review for Guruji Nagaraj Prasad. He not only perform pooja, but also authoritarian on the subject. We went to Gokarna Moksha Narayana bali but after going through the papers of my son, he suggested us to do Kala Sarpa Dosha pooja and Naga Narayana bali. Naga Narayana Bali pooja is unique of its kind, performed only in Gokarna, which he did for us in Rudra Gaya Temple at nominal price. He offered meals all through our stay and look after as his family members. His hospitality, courtesy and performing rituals are exemplary. We are happy in all respects.

RaghuRam Ram