Kujarahu Shanthi


Mars, known as the Kuja can be extremely influential on several traits of a person, including one’s Energy, Motivation, Determination, Courage, Patience, Zeal, Passion, etc. When Kuja is in a depretiated state, an individual can develop severe tendencies to be rash in behavior with a short temper and in general, a character that is full of negativity and acts as a hurdle for improvement in almost all stages of life. Similarly, the trancending path of Rahu can multiple such negative behavior in an individual and cause many problems associated with Finance, Blood Circulation, Property, etc., and can forebode accidents, illness, marital tensions, etc.

Therefore, perfoming a Shanthi ritual for Kuja, known as the KujaRahu Shanthi will help in not nonly reversing the negative tendencies, but can also usher in a new realm of success, joy and good health.