Navagraha Shanthi


Navagraha means Nine Planets. All that we experience in terms of happiness & pain, fortune & misfortune, luck & bad times, health & illness, are all derives from the effects of these nine planets, as can be studied in our Natal Chart. Navagraha Shanti means to induce calm, sanctity and good vibes from all these nine planets.

Certain combination of the planetary position in a person’s astro chart could induce positive or negative influence. This means that even if a favourable planet is in a particular combination with another planet that could infuse bad times, then the combined effect could reverse whatever good will would have otherwise been bestowed on the person. These can be termed as Navagraha Dosha

These Doshas, or nagative influences from the planets and their combination can be negated or minimized by performing the Navagraha Shanthi. The ritual is proven to be greatly beneficial to the family and all those who perform it. The Shanthi aims to appease all the nine planets, on the best day as per the horoscope of the individual, and this improve almost all aspects of life, includig better health, prosperity, luck, happiness, etc.