Pindika Shanthi


Pindika Sudarshana Shanthi is offered to get rid of all the bad effects from black magic and the bad spirits from your family. Gokarna Rudragaya Shri HariHareshwar temple is blessed with both Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. This is where Lord Vishnu prayed to Lord Shiva and got blessed. The legend of the temple says, Rakshasa Raja Ravana goes to Mount Kailasa and prays lord shiva. Shiva pleased with all this devotional worship agreed to bestow boons to Ravana. Ravana ask for Athmalinga and lord shiva agrees.

Ravana leaves for Lanka with athmalinga,same time lord vishnu passes by Gokarna and wishes to place athmalinga in Gokarna. Suddenly Vishnu covers Sun with his Sudarshana Chakra and it becomes dark as evening and becomes the reason for placing athmalinga in Rudragaya.

The place from where lord vishnu covered the sun is considered as the lord vishnu’s presence and is worshipped.This is also called Baskar temple as when Gokarna temple went under water on tsunami Lord Vishnu prayed lord Sun from same place to withdraw water and save temple. Pleased lord Sun takes all the water to sea and saves temple.

This way where Surya(Sun) is worshipped is known as Shri Kshetra Gokarna Rudragaya where Pindika Sudarshana Shanthi is conducted.By doing this you will get relief and solution for all the bad effects from black magic. Initially you will get protected from all those bad effects , then you will be relieved from all the effects and finally all the effects will be backfired to those who did.


Evil spirits regards the sudarshan puja as an auspicious puja, which help in protecting the person from all evils, troubles, enemies, black magic, evil eye, fear, any horoscopy dosha, health problems and persecution. Hindus believe that Vishnu is the protector and preserver of this world and his weapon is sudarshan. He took birth on the earth whenever the evil forces rise to protect the people and maintain the balance of this earth. It is believed that the sudarshan puja is able to avoid all accidents and removes enemies and fulfils the desire of devotees although the desires of human beings are innumerable.


The sudarshan puja is performed for obtaining the peace and prosperity of all. According to the texts of Vedas, it is said that lord Vishnu is the god of protection and maintenance and his weapon sudarshan kills the evils and demons. He is the supreme deity of Hindus trinity. The puja helps to remove all enemies and avoid accidents. It is performed on any occasion or auspicious beginning, seeking for the victory, courage, and prosperity. This puja is able to reduce the fear of any problems going to arise in the future.


The puja of sudarshan helps in removing the enemies, accidents and any astrological problems coming in the devotee’s life. Devotees perform this puja for seeking the victory, courage and prosperity in their life. The puja is able to dispel the sufferings due to incurable diseases, sorcery or enemies. The puja fills the devotee with positivity and his fear reduces regarding the happenings to be occurring in the future. This puja helps in acquiring the peace and prosperity and happiness.