Pitru Dosha


If the souls of our ancestors are satisfied and in peace, they will take care and protect the whole family. But if their soul(s)are no satisfied, problems to the entire family is expected.

For the last seven births, we are to receive blessings of our ancestors. If not, there could be flaws that attract bad luck. This pooja, therefore, is performed to overcome problems associated by these souls, by satisfying them and giving them deliverence to the final resting place of all souls, which is the Vishnu Pada, or the feet of the supreme Lord Vishnu, Shri Lakshmi Narayana.

The ritual is based on a detailed study of one’s horoscope, and if defects of Pithru Dosha exist, then Pitru Dosha Parihara ritual is advised. It is Important to note, that All Other Dosha and Dosha Parihara are superannuated by performing Rudarabhisheka Maha Pooja.

Souls from the past seven births will be blessed by our ancestors, and the future seven births will also be filled with happiness. Therefore, by performing this pooja, 15 births are blessed for improvement!