Vinayaka Shanti


Vinayaka Shanthi should be performed if there is Kuja Dosha or any serpent erratum. Vinayaka Shanthi should always be perfrmed in the righteous and precise manner. This Shanthi is performed in Kalali Vivah for men and Kumbha Vivah for women.

Kuja influence can get dull on a person, based on several reasons. Some of them are:
Kuja enters Kanya
Kuja enters Vyachara
Kuja (or Kubera) enters Lagnyata Panchama.
Such afflictions cause marital problems, with chances of Divorce.
Additionally, if Kalasarpa Yoga is also present, it can cause great discomfort in married life.

Kuja can also be shabby if there is any erratum passed on from ancestors, and in which case, health issues can occur.

There could also be Serpant Erratum, especially during nKuja Dashe or Kuja Bhukthi. In such cases, children are greatly affected, leading to inter-caste marriages, children not obeying, children being pulled in wrong paths, children influenced by negative people, children picking us bad habits, hampered education, etc. Vinayaka Shanthi is a great remedy for all these issues.